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Bio: Cinema5d business plan is the best supplementary business for existing 3D cinema. It combine the 3D cinema with seat motion and environmental special effects. Audience can experience various kinds of special effects like storm, lightning, rain, snow, vibration, leg sweep, etc accordingly with the movie plot while watching 3D movies. This will fill the insufficience of 3D cinema business, because 5D cinema will bring people brand new entertainment way and make their life keep going on with high technology.
Special effects
Cinema5d business plan also can accurately simulate kinds of action, such as forward, back, left and right, fall, and bump, and the dynamic seat has the special effects like wind, water,leg sweep, back poking, buttocks massage by itself. when the film have these following scenes. you will appreciate the corresponding effects, For example,When the car turn left or right in the plot, the seat will make the appropriate action; if was falling down from a height in the plot, the seat will be down fast simulation,This series of the plot, Dynamic seat can be simulated and fully synchronized
The Advantages
鈥?Synchronization high:300 dynamic seat supports real-time synchronization, zero error! Because the power source is below the seat of the servo motor stages as the implementing agency. Unlike hydraulic, pneumatic technology or crank drive technology, it needs an external power source, the power conduction process error, synchronization of generally about 80%;
鈥?Fast response: the use of electric servo control technology, fast response, and video synchronization of up to 99.9;
鈥?ultra-high precision: precision servo motor control the displacement of up to 1/3000 of a circle;
鈥?High stability:the use of electric screw cylinder structure, with high precision, reversibility, high efficiency and friction resistance and other characteristics.
Cinema5d motion seats environmental effect
theme park 4d business plan is a perfect combination of 3D images and effects produced by the special equipment,to make audiences have more sense of participation from hearing,sight,smell,touch to achieve the most powerful realism,like being in a movie,through simulation environment to achieve Wind, rain, thunder, electricity, smoke, snow, bubbles, flames, leg sweep, poke back, vibration, and other environmental effects...Give you a new sensory experience effectXD Movie Therter manufacturers
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